About Us

Buddy Austin ~ Founder & Goldsmith

I feel very fortunate to say that my passion is also my profession, though a lot of things have brought me to this point.  When I was seven years old I started taking art lessons, and I quickly found that I was drawn to creating small-scale, detailed drawings.  My favorite tool for years was a fine tip sharpie: thoughtful decision making, meticulousness, and colliding intersections of the minute forming larger ideas or emotions expressed in a design or image.  

Years later, I took a trip that would illuminate for me what was really important in life and set the path for me to become a professional artist.  In 2007,  I was fortunate enough to go to Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, and New Zealand.  Before I took off, my roommate gave me a wire wrapped Labradorite pendant and my sister gave me a Journal.  The pendant never left my neck and I wrote in my journal every day.

Through traveling and journaling, I was able to view my life with a new lens; recognizing that my happiest moments were while I was creating art and hiking.  

In 2008, Wire Wrapping became my favorite artistic medium and I spent countless hours practicing and seeking out the best gems and minerals.  I pulled back into all those years of experience I spent working with tight, precision drawings and transferred it into my Wire Wrapping designs.  Even now, I still seem to be pushing my art to get smaller and more detailed as time goes by.  My most recent acquisition was a microscope which has opened up a whole new realm of possibilities.

Today I have expertise in wire wrapping, mineralogy, product photography, fabrication, stone setting, engraving, casting, and wax carving.  It would be difficult to label my jewelry under one specific niche as I both blend the lines of and also distinctly create fine jewelry, fashion jewelry and festival jewelry.  Each gemstone used is carefully selected and I take pride in the diligence taken from design to finished product. 



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